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Kaila & Blake 

Kaila, Blake, and I first sat down to talk about their wedding about 8 months prior to their day. They knew they wanted seasonal blooms designed with a unique shape and we curated a line-up of fresh blooms that fulfilled all of their textural and color-filled dreams.  

We chose anemones, delphinium, ornamental thistles, olive, and eucalyptus among other seasonal blooms as well as oodles of fresh gypsophila and dried lavender to be featured in their day.

How it made my heart swell to come back for midnight-strike to see Blake holding a box for Kaila who was in the midst of pulling out blooms from the place-card table decor to take back to the hotel with them. {Heartsplosion} 

This couple was truly a treat to get to know and work with. So much love and joy in their future! 

Photographs from Justin Mark Photography. 


Bavaria Downs, Chaska MN. 


August 23rd, 2019

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