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Minnesota Mural Project: SHINE!

Well, Minnesota, it has been just a jack-hole of a week, hasn't it?

I have been trying to surround myself with color and flowers all week, which bring me joy and purpose. I have felt powerless to help as I see my friends and family getting laid-off or trying to figure out how they are going to operate with new restrictions like working from home, homeschooling while working, maintaining delivery and curb-side operations while staying safe and healthy in the process. Even my own daily work seems uncertain at this time. My moral alarms have been firing on all cylinders--what is appropriate? What is the "right?" After all, we are all trying to come out the other side of this as survivors, amiright? What does "we're taking extra precautions" mean, if we are still interacting at any level? I don't have the answers.

I've seen video after video of flowers being composted and destroyed in Europe and my heart is breaking for my industry just as it breaks for seeing my restaurant friends temporarily close down, my family's mini-mart restricted in operations, and my fellow peers in the floral industry being laid-off and temporarily closing their doors. Well, and just--everyone, for that matter. There isn't anyone that isn't being affected by COVID-19 and my mind has been racing trying to absorb the daily changes. Heck, my iPhone just told me I averaged 7 hours and 43 minutes of screen time A DAY this past week. Enough.

This week, I decided I had to get a grip on my anxiety and racing mind and take control of how I was going to personally deal. The answer for me will always be to grasp on to flowers and color and create. That is how I shine. That is how I spread my light and love.

When deciding which mural I was going to select, I immediately thought about the SHINE mural at 4310 Nicollet Avenue, in Minneapolis. I mean, is there anything more appropriate right now!?

Join me for a few minutes and disconnect from shattered routines, uncertain futures, and worries and ask yourself the questions I have been asking myself all week. How can I SHINE for someone this week? How can I add a little light to this darkness?

I hope this edition of the #minnesotamuralproject shines a little light on your day and I would love to know how you are shining for yourself and others!


This mural was created by Alicia Danzig and is on the Carter Healthy and Wellness building facing their private parking lot. One amazing thing to note about this mural is that you can absolutely step up on the concrete and take photos uninterrupted! Not all murals are this accessible! I would've loved to leave some flowers for the Chiro, but alas, they were all locked up as recommended and I commend them for that.

I should say that now would be a good time to find @colorgypsy and @carterhealthandwellness on Instagram and show them some love. K, thanks!

This mural has the foundation of what my soul thrives on--COLOR, but I have to admit that even considering putting all of these colors into one floral design made my rump twitch. Nope. Couldn't do it. So, I took a nod from the artist herself and split them up into harmonious mini-arrangements which I then promptly delivered to my quarantining friends and family. See, I'm trying to shine my light here, folks.

I used all my favorite blooms including, peonies, frill tulips, carnations, hellebore, stock, delphinium, pin cushion protea, and wild ginestra and I color blocked them in grey stone cubes to accent their coordinating letter.


Don't these color pairings make you breathe a bit easier? Definitely worked for me today.

It brought me so much joy to design these cubes and even more joy to carry out the no-contact deliveries. I hope they brought just as much joy to the recipients. We're all sheltering and staying safe, so we might as well have beautiful blooms to look at!

As if fate wasn't already making this edition of the #minnesotamuralproject a hit, I received delivery on some new pieces for my rental inventory--hurray! I can hardly wait to use these gold stands at some upcoming events! (Also purchased them in charcoal as well....eeek!)

I say, when this is all over, we book massages! Who's with me!?


And finally, not to be ignored, the opposite side of this building houses @upyogamn (folllow them!) and expresses the sentiment that I gather we will all be feeling in the coming weeks when we all RISE from the ashes like the phoenixes we are and gather for long-overdue hugs and laughter at our freshly re-opened watering hole of choice!

Be well, friends. Let's check in on each other often and I will see you on the other side of this,


Call to action: SHARE. YOUR. LIGHT.

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