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Hey y'all, hey!

Next month will mark five years since we lost one of Minnesota's favorite musical icons. Admittedly, I was a little late to get on the Prince train, but when I moved to the Twin Cities 15 years ago--I suppose it was only a matter of time before I fell madly in love with his work. It's hard to live in the metro and not feel the electricity that was and is, to this day--PRINCE. I definitely caught up quick.

There are so many wonderful murals of PRINCE throughout the metro and in the end, I wanted a salad for lunch, so Jonas Never's mural on the side of the Floyd's 99's Barbershop won. Oh, there's also a Crisp & Green next salad craving.

Since I was on my way to the North Loop, I decided to do a drive-by at First Ave to see the PRINCE star. My husband and I are huge music lovers and First Ave is one of our favorite venues--we even took a few of our wedding photos there three years ago. (I Minnesotan can we get!? No shame.)

Photo Credit: Yours truly, yours truly, and Bryan Newfield Photography (from our wedding day!)

First Avenue is located at 701 First Avenue N, Minneapolis, MN 55403


When picking out flowers for this MMP, I naturally embraced purples. I chose chunky lavender stock flower, a variety of purple toned Phalaenopsis orchids, and Deep Purple roses.

There was no purple rain in the forecast that day, but there was plenty of wind. Like, WIND. Like, the kind of wind that I grew up with living in the hill-less country that could blow you into next Tuesday if you weren't careful. Okay, you get it. It was windy.

I thought I could be a cowboy and wrangle the wind, but I couldn't. There I was, trying to will the Wind-God's to cease, as a huge gust came by to blow my beautiful arrangement over in a millisecond of being left unattended. Reader, I couldn't catch it. (Jane Eyre reference)

One of my favorite vases too. Balls.

I suppose that's why they say "life will never be perfect. Make it work." So, it turned into a bouquet shoot instead! Ta-daaaaaaa! And yes, I counted five tiny cuts from picking up every bit of that shattered glass--as well as that cigarette butt. Don't litter, people. Jeesh.

PRINCE MURAL is at 424 N Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

I think it still worked out in the end. Even if me, my vase, and a few of those beautiful phalo stems got battered and bruised. Such is life.

Naturally, being the dazzling florist I am, I have spare vases in my car, so I dug one of those babies out and reworked the surviving stems into a sweet posy in the parking lot of the Vu. Then, I dropped it off at my favorite North Loop Salonspa, Urban Village. You should check them out if you haven't--fab!

Be well, and until next time,


CALL TO ACTION: Que up Purple Rain, book a hair appointment at Urban Village or Floyd's 99, then pick up a Cinco de Light salad and have your own adventure oogling this massive Prince mural! (Watch out for wind though...)

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