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Minnesota Mural Project: Bulldog

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Hey y'all!

It's Leap Day! An entire extra day that we are granted and won't see again for another four years! How are you spending this extra day? Are you catching up with friends? Spending time outdoors? Reading that book you've been meaning to read? Or are you simply carrying on like there's nothing to see here?

How ever you are spending this extra day is completely your business and I'm sure whatever you are choosing to do has value (even if that means binge watching Schitt's Creek with the blinds closed and your phone turned to "silent." Hey, you do you.)

I woke up today feeling inspired by a little bee that has been buzzing in my brain ever since I took a vacation to San Diego this past summer. I was in awe of how colorful the city was and I fell in love with all of the murals scattered about. When I returned, I realized I had become hyper-aware of all of the color around me--right here in Minnesota.

All of a sudden, I would be driving or walking along my usual routes and I'd be struck by the beauty and color around me--yes, even in the dead of winter--and I decided I needed to do something to feed that fascination. So, I made a late New Year's resolution to honor the color I witness, right here at home, with the best medium I know--FLOWERS!

I am so excited to begin my Minnesota Mural Project! I will be highlighting murals that inspire me and designing flowers that will harmonize with them. Let's be clear here, this will absolutely be nothing more than a celebration of color and my love for flowers!

For my first mural, I chose Chuck U Art's bulldog mural, located on The Bulldog Downtown bar and restaurant. Driving south on Hennepin Ave in Downtown Minneapolis, you can see this brightly colored mural easily, as it is open to the parking lot located next to The Bulldog Downtown. Two bulldogs, in all their chunky glory, are painted on the building in a vibrant pallet of orange and yellow, with a purple city-scape in the background.

I knew since Mimosa Acacia is in season right now, that I had to start with this mural. I selected and dried the acacia and paired it with orange kalanchoe blooms to create a vibrant and fun headpiece. Headpieces have become a trending addition to weddings, bridal/baby showers, as well as birthdays and I adore making them. I knew I wanted to take this opportunity to create a texture filled headpiece that could be worn anywhere. Especially to The Bulldog, where I would likely get my usual Berliner Hot Dog and a glass of whatever Summit brew was on tap at the time. (This time, my fave EPA....whoop!)

Is my face gonna always be in the flowers? Heck no. Do I reserve the right to show-up in the mural project sometimes? Heck yes! Thank you for indulging me!

If you have a favorite mural, drop me a comment and let me know where it is! Maybe it will show-up on the blog sometime! For now, help me celebrate this beautiful mural and all the beautiful colors in it!

I'll say here that it wouldn't hurt to follow Chuck U Art on Instagram @chucku612 or The Bulldog Downtown @bulldog_dt. After all, art needs to be supported.

Oh, and lastly, please remember this isn't about professional photos--I sure as heck am not a photographer. Let's all be friendly and remember this is a celebration of art and color and flowers. I hope you enjoy this project so much that you also become hyper-aware of all of the color around you as well!

Till next time,


And now, what you all came for, the Minnesota Mural Project: The Bulldog Downtown

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