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Hi There! 

I'm Jessica! A flower-loving, book-reading, kayak-paddling florist located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. 

I am available for travel, and enjoy designing and participating in speaking and teaching engagements around the country. My life revolves around the floral industry, so I leap at any opportunity to share my passion with others. 

My heart is at its happiest when I'm designing flowers. My ultimate mission is to design beautiful flowers for you. Because you deserve them and because I am here to make the process seamless and enjoyable. So, let's get to know each other. 

Photograph by Emily Gorg 


When starting my own company, I got really good advice from a lot of really great people to not choose a name that I had to explain. Well, I couldn't do it. Deep down in my soul, I knew the foundation of who I am lies within my middle name, "Jolena." And I hope you can forgive me for explaining a bit about that name and what it means to me...

When I decided, after 19 years of being in the floral industry, to finally take the leap and launch my very own floral studio, I knew that the backbone of my company has been, and will always be in the strength of my upbringing. My middle name was derived to honor my mother's father "Jo" and her mother "Lena." I grew up proud to carry that name because I knew the hard work and dedication to life and family that those two humans had, and because of that, I strive every day to be the best version of myself that I can be, while working as hard and determinedly as they would. I like to think that they would be proud of me today for following in their stead. 

Plus, I think it rolls off the tongue quite nicely. 


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