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Irene & Logan 

Living in Minnesota, we realize that there may be a slim chance it could be 40 degrees in September. Insert "slim chance" here and you've got a car full of ushers sent off to buy every soft and fluffy blanket in the nearby area so that wedding guests don't freeze their tushies off during the ceremony.


(At least the flowers were quite happy....) 

Irene and Logan were so in love and such a dream to work with--they took their 40 degree day in stride and loved every minute of their beautiful outdoor ceremony. We chose blush blooms accented by cream blooms and grey-blue foliage that paired so well with the ballroom being lit up in bright pink! 


Did I mention there was a donut bar? Dreamy. 

Photographs from Hayley Huotari Photography


Bavaria Downs, Chaska MN 


September 29th, 2018

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